I'm going to vote for the candidate that will improve things for the bottom 99% of Americans and not squander our national wealth and natural resources for a campaign one-liner to get elected. My candidate will do something none before have done, keep the campaign promises. ALL of them. My candidate will end lavish multi-hundred-million dollar campaigns and bring about reform that is in the interest of justice and all Americans not just being promised a pursuit of happiness, that for most doesn't come, but actually create a good chance of all finding that happiness. My candidate is...well, that politician doesn't exist, and hasn't yet. For 239 years, the only thing that has changed is the technology, but you are only about one degree more free than we were under the British. Even if it is only to think about that, at least DO SOMETHING, and stop support the rich. YOU made them rich, maybe some of that wealth you earned them should be yours. Stop being a slave.